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Neeraj Joshi Senior editor

Flowol is a very small and feature-rich application which makes the task of creating flowcharts easy and fast. Not only the program allows users to create and test their solutions but also to control them. Flowol uses mimics for this task. Mimics are controllable pictures which respond visually and realistically depending on the activity of the flowchart logic.
The program provides a simulation environment for users where their models can be connected as well as operated by means of a control interface. The main advantage of using the software is that it makes removal and correction of faults in the flow model easy. Users can also add audio files to their models. Moreover, the software also allows the speed of the flowchart to be controlled which is very helpful while checking the errors and giving demonstrations. The software is compatible with all common Windows versions such as Windows 2000, NT, Me and XP. An additional advantage of the Flowol program is that the finished flowcharts can be copied to either the Flowol 3 application or even to a word processor document very easily.


  • Very effective for modeling and simulation.
  • A very intuitive user interface.


  • Not freeware.
  • Advanced settings and features may be confusing for novice users.

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    Guest 6 months ago

    The user manual is inadequate. For example, how does one use the ultrasonic or ping feature listed in some pins? Very difficult for novices. No examples as to how to connect a flowchart to one of the mimics. The manual needs serious revamping.